Do not drink a lot of alcohol when you are severely dehydrated.

Much regret.

Must find rag to fill with cold water, wring out, and place over eyes to reacquire that sweet, sweet unconsciousness.

Unrelated, if I haven’t told y’all that you should never Chumbawamba, you should never Chumbawamba. I did it once in uni and it was a super bad time. (Chumbawamba is what I call using Tubthumping as an instruction set. Do not take a whisky drink, then a vodka drink, than a lager drink, then a cider drink, etc etc.)

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    @theKarlisK As I said, it was a super bad time.
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    Dunno. Got rum first and then beer, and then rum. Me is fine.
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    Where are your drunk rants
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    @electrineer Even drunk, my desire for self-preservation outweighs my desire for instant gratification. Drunk me is smart enough to know not to trust drunk me to exercise judgment in sharing of information.
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    @AmyShackles As someone who went from drinking and doing stupid things to being very controlled even when drunk (and not doing stupid stuff anymore) I cannot ++ that enough.

    I suppose that's growing up and forming strong beliefs and values, opposed to conforming with external expectations which will be ignored through your lowered inhibition.
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    And in regards to the main post I can only say that I've had too many hangovers in my life and the two main causes are dehydration and lack of sleep.

    I've had hangovers without drinking anything but getting very little sleep (and probably also some dehydration) and I've had a 9/10 headache (most likely) from dehydration by taking Kratom.
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