Decided to get myself a new phone as the 2013 model is getting morally obsolete. I can still flash Lineage/Android10 and it will run it. But the apps (e.g. Google Maps) nowadays are such a performance hog it can't cope.
So I've searched through gsmarena, prioritizing smaller phones, picked myself a candidate and had it on my desk after few days.
The 2013 mindset still the same "do the backup before touching the phone in any way". How do you do backup? Unlock bootloader, boot/flash TWRP, run backup.
I've realized only after the unlocking and some googling, that the unlock automatically deletes TA partition and stored DRM keys. So advanced licensed features of the phone are gone. Also there is no way to lock the bootloader again, so I've lost the SafetyNet validation too.

tl;dr: I've fucked up my new phone as a first step after I got it.

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    It isn’t your fault, I mean not really.
    These things are broken by design.
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    @Root Well, I've missed the DRM warning. Went through 2 paragraphs of the usual BS about losing warranty and skipped the 3rd one where it was mentioned. That's why I consider it my fault.
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    @theKarlisK I know the workaround is available, but feels like a rabbit hole. Once you fall into it, there is no way of coming back and you can continue only by going deeper. I did not want to root the phone, but now got no other option than going the Magisk way.

    I've went with XZ1 compact as it's only a bit bigger than my current S4mini. XZ2 got rejected due to missing 3.5mm jack (it's bigger than XZ1 but suddenly it won't fit there?).
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    @qwwerty WOW, another live human being who have chosen XZ1 Compact 😱 I have that one as well, because everything else is either huge AF or has hardware of a watch.
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    Why not flash a Go variant on your older phone in the first place?
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    @melezorus34 Looks like XDA thread for S4mini got no traction yet (and i've failed to find any other resource) and I got better things to do than compiling it myself from scratch. :))

    But thanks for the info. I had no idea A11/Go released this month as I'm not involved in any mobile part of the IT.
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