Basically like crossing a minefield.

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    Ad blocker might help you :)
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    Download roulette
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    You could play 'who presses the correct download button first' here
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    Many of them have "advertisement" written underneath, that should help somewhat :D
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    Use Ad blocker plugin to save the day.... I haven't seen an ad since months. Ad blocker in chrome, adblocker+ for YouTube, adaway for my rooted phone.
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    Only the true dev will find the one
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    I think it's this small uncolored button in bottom center position... The one that's like "Please don't click me first"
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    Check the sources of each. If they're iframe or go to another site, they're bad.
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    The feeling of cleanness after you enter the same page with ad blicker on is wonderful
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    IF Ads
    GOTO "Right click"
    GOTO "View source code"
    GOTO "Make sure it's the right one"
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    I appreciate the vote of confidence. 😀
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    You can cross over most of them just hovering cursor over button and checking where it leads.
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