Fighting against management is my daily struggle.
I reject the notion that more management, meetings and reports makes me work faster.
Want it done in time?
Stop wasting my time and interrupting me when I'm deep in complex thought. Let me do what's necessary and put in the hours if I have the energy and time.
But you damn better pay me for it.
I do not care for your praise, when I make the impossible happen time and again in days that would take months.
I expect your praise in the form of higher numbers going into my account.

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    Humility is key
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    Was refering to your boss that thinks that his job is more important than dev job
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    Monetary appreciation is the best appreciation.
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    Too bad that it's not only like this in the office. Anywhere that I'm working, guys want to get my attention or interject into something that's not their business or that they know nothing about. Then get upset that I don't like their suggestions or that I'm not happy to have an interruption. "You weren't smiling so I wanted to talk to make you smile." Like do those fools seriously smile all the time either? I was concentrating, and now I'm angry.
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