Back in the days...

Parents: get off that computer it will get you nowhere in life!

Me:But im programming not playing games..I want to become a programmer...

Parents:programming or games it's all the same! Take an example of your sister who actually achieved something with her studies (she's a doctor)

Me today asa computer engineer...receiving paycheck higher than my sister who is a doctor and not to mention I got a car of the company and living very comfortably.

Parents can't believe it.


Moral of the story: never let anyone tell you what to do. Keep doing what you truly love and get real good at it!😉

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    @Jase to late for what?
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    I agree! and even if you dont earn a feckton of money, using public transportation but still do what you love, it's the right choice!
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    @Jase it's never to late! How so?😃
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    My parents said the same thing, "you need to get off the computer and do your homework" (I was in college for business).

    A lot of my homework was in excel or online so I just always told them I was doing homework when I was programming.

    Over the summer I got a small job doing development and they kept pestering me to quit because I needed to get ready for the next college semester when I got offered a really good job, they were absolutely shocked. Finally after telling my dad how great of a job it was and showing him a lot of other people who were developers without a college degree he agreed that doing this job was a better idea than going to college full time :D
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    Similar happened to me. Still get asked by people when I'm going to get a job. They can't understand that I have a job on the Internet, working remotely, where I make more money than they ever have at any local company, engineering or not!

    If I insist on this, then they ask why I'm not dropping money on them if I have some. And then criticize me for buying things for myself. Just can't win. People aren't rational.
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    The same thing is happening to me right now. I'm gonna show my parents this, thanks man!
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    @fbomb I imagine the only way that this "computer fad" goes away is when the "electricity fad" goes away.
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    @klonky exactly.. Money is good to have, but it's not a full measure of what will make you happy/satisfied/rewarded/etc.
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    This same thing happened to me. My dad once called me an Internet Junkie. My sister told me I need to stop dreaming and get a job. I now make more than both of them.
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    Yep. Awesome moral.
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    @NathanDoesDev Hoping it would happen for just a few days... oh listening to the whining from people on fac.... waaaait a minute... hehe
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    My parents are just like yours were in the past. I have a little gaming channel(not uploading too many videos because I don't have much time these days), am studying Web Interface Development, would like to have some work in full-stack develolment, but ultimately I'd love to be a Game Developer. My parents think that I'm basically unable to take care of myself. With web I'm most likely to get a job, as opposed to food production technology I spent years with and which THEY pushed on me. They are extremely inept at tech for today's standards. And they want me to be this impeccably perfect creature -_- Which, as they failed to notice, doesn't exist.
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