There is one thing I have seen here in devRant. No matter how stupid rant you post no one trolls you. People are kind of humble here. They try to help you.
Just an observation, may not be true.

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    @h3ll or to whatever any other place on the internet. I guess people here (still) respect the fact that this is a place for humor and steaming off. And unless someone has below 100 IQ issues, trolling is not humor :)
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    Plot twist: this is a troll post.
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    I think right now that's because it's new and really only hitting it's intended audience. Which is great, this might sound elitist but as long as non-devs or general computer science people remain away from this platform, I think it will stay positive. It's when the general public joins a platform that makes it go to shit.
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    Could be because I haven't posted yet
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    Agree with @Lunights it's too new for lots of trolling
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    @Memeamphetamine Welcome to devRant! A few things to get you started:

    1. Dark side
    2. Fuck windows 10
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    @VacGamer Actually I prefer the dark side on most applications and all editors but the devRant app :/ Also I dual boot Win 10 and Ubuntu
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    @Memeamphetamine True, windows is needed in some cases.

    Oh also hello, welcome to devRant! You're also new! Remember, if it has more upvotes than most, it's probably a repost!

    Edit: o shit it's the same guy, oops. Disregard this comment.
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    We're all in this shithole together. Being nice to people and them being nice back makes it somewhat bearable. Somewhat.
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