I'm almost at the end of my CS degree and I was wondering what it'll be like on the market: do companies want people who know like 10 different languages or are they more focused on actual experience?

I mean in the end a language can be learned fast, imho.

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    A language is nothing, experience is far more valuable.
    Use your time building some projects, contributing on open source stuff, you'll have hundreds of times more things to talk about in an interview :)
    What do I care that you master Java AND Python AND PHP? If you know one and you're competent, I have no doubt that it would take you less than a week to get up to speed on another language.
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    Experiences matter more.

    Suppose that you are looking for a personal injury attorney. Would you hire someone who have a myriad of experiences in different fields or someone with personal injury experiences mostly?

    Knowing 10 different languages matter less to having an experience in one field.
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    Project project project!
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