My uncle is interestes in security, but personal security, he wants to be more peivate. So he told me he had installed Kali linux and got a course it, so I tried to explain him that this is more of a professional thing... that he needs something else.. and so he asked me: "What do I need, which book can I buy?"

I didn't really know. For me it's common sense to get a NAS, maybe have a laptop that is never connected to the internet, or maybe encrypt trafic encrypt hard disks.

But is there a book for that? You have 30 seconds to shine, how would u respond?

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    Is your uncle called Sam?
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    I can’t recommend books but it highly depends on what he wants to achieve.

    My dad is using Lubuntu for casual internet browsing, has only one stick he regularly clears for data transfer and is connected by LAN to the internet so he can unplug it if he has to boot into windows for his taxation program, which is only available for windows.

    Both OSes are encrypted just in case something tries to access the other OS.

    That’s plenty enough of “personal security”
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    *bright smile*


    At least worth a small car, cause it's interdisciplinary...
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    Why a more professional thing? Yeah it contains tons of pentesting tools but I've used it as a main distro for like a year or so 😄

    Also, it's used a lot by pentesters, not for privacy I think.
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    Really depends on what his concerns are...

    Is he worried about Google knowing what he does?

    If not, and he is worried about ultra scary hackers, I'd say get him a Chromebook to start if we're talking about home OS security.
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    I wish anyone in my family would give just a little shit and not have the "nothing-to-hide" bullshit attitude. If your Uncle figured out as much as he already has, that's great and now that the can is opened, he can take a deep dive (if he wants to).

    I'd say introduce him to the concept of thread modeling. This will show his needs.

    Personally I could recommend Qubes OS (better don't search it in Google, use qwant/metager/ddg) because I think its virtualization approach is the best OS security strategy currently possible. However it is only good if you (he) make(s) an effort to understand it. (It's not that complicated, but it's not play-dough neither.)
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