I really hate it when the old guys always get all the say in our architecture. They always want to do it in stupid low level languages too. Ever heard of Go and Scala? Put away your cane grandpa

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    There is a saying:
    "You can't teach old dogs new tricks."
    Old guys can't learn new stuff.
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    We should just stick them all in a room with old computers and an Atari 2600.
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    And yet if it weren't for them they red be no business and you'd have no job :p
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    Depends what you're doing and how important the speed the software performs at is.
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    "Revolutions are endemic to tech culture. A new group comes along and wonders why the last generation built something so complex, and they set out to tear down the old institutions. After a bit, they begin to realize why all of the old institutions were so complex, and they start implementing the features once again."
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