Ok, so let's say someone walks into your office and it's after-hours and you have decided to have a go at yourself because you work too much and need to de-stress. My question is, do you quickly stop and ask them what they want, hoping they didn't see what you were doing, or do you just finish?

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    I'd listen first what they need to say. As long as you have a priorities straight, you won't have much trouble figuring what steps u need to take.

    I use important/Not important/Urgent/Not Urgent matrix to figure out the priority. It's called Eisenhower Principle. This works like a charm in my case.
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    Maybe they can help?
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    @h3ll I think that's a euphemism for wanking. (Makes all the other comments unintentionally hilarious.)

    Also, dude, just go to the bathroom first.
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    @Artemix @dance2die @tucamsam You guys... Y'all are very cute, but i don't think he meant a side project...😉
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    If you need to do that at work, do it in the relative privacy of a toilet cubicle, and use your own phone on your own data allowance.
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    @h3ll http://bash.org/?207373
    Semi-relevant, and I love an excuse to link to bash.org
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