How web server works. Brutal reality simply explained. #symfonyCon

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    I don't get it 😂Why isn't the customer who killed the chef but the waitress?
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    @erikdreyer11 food is data, not an object. Check mate mate!
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    Your waitress should be able to handle multiple requests without waiting for the chef to finish, so should use some form of message queuing to pass the orders to the chef, and deliver the food when it hits his output queue.

    Both stay alive until closing time, when the restaurant brutally murders both.
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    Thats a very ineffective way to use chefs. Chefs takes years to make. Then why must the servant murder them? By the time the foods done, the customer has grown old and got a big family now. Isnt php some english ketchup?
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    Do you have a recording or maybe slides of this?
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    @sesar54 Yeah, there should be a chef pool.
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    This could be named: "guess who kills php-fpm processes" lol
    Nginx has to pay!!
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    Omg this is so great 😆
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    Garbage Collector. So the chef was disposable. It wouldn't be funny anymore if instead of "chef" was "developer".
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    @SanketDG All slides from this presentation are available at this URL: http://andrewcarteruk.github.io/sli...
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