Jira is fantastic and offers flexibility and solutions to all situations! All basic tools are there! You just need to pay for each little thing until you either run out of money or the Jira servers crashesh under its own slowness.

For example, if you'd like to quickly create Tasks, you just need to buy plugins that autofill fields. No way that it could be done otherwise. You need to script your everyday Jira actions? Just be the admin for the whole enterprise and you get to write your own scripts.

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    Clubhouse.io, never went back
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    @nitwhiz nicest shit I’ve used, especially if used with the whole suite.
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    I recently started using Confluence and damn do I relate to this. They're promoting about integration with Jira etc but fail to mention you get only bare minimum functionality.
    Most features I personally miss have been requested for multiple years without any action from Atlassian rip. Only option is to buy apps that I find way too expensive for what they offer
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    @NEMESISprj , note, that every plugins makes Jira slower and slower. If you add Jira-links to Confluence, it makes even Confluence slower.
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    WTF?! I just tried to add numbers to headings/chapters in Confluence. The turd offers a trial period for a plugin, and then you need to pay money.

    For section numbering?

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    @thatDude this is the reason our server is still quite fast: we're not paying for this kind of bs lol
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