Is it just me or are there too many people praising or ranting about Java today

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    It's a delicate age for Java right now. Either it's going to slowly start phasing out or it will be used more for years to come.
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    @jirehstudios Java sucks man.The only reason I use it is because of Android. if Google moves to Swift(which I am praying for) or C++ ,I will never ever wish to see a single java code again in my life
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    @jirehstudios I really hope it's the former.

    @bdhobare true. I really want to make more and better Android apps. But Java stops me from doing it.
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    I feel like the hate Java receives is more unjustified than not. I code in many languages but primarily Java and I don't see why it is so bad compared to the rest. Does somebody care to give specific use cases where Java is worse?
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    @bdhobare you can develop Android apps in c++ and c using the native development kit. I believe it's still supported.
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    @snypenet it's only there if it's a need. It's not a recommended practice
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    @r0bb I never heard that it wasn't recommended. I just figured if you have the skills and you need to be closer to the hardware use c++. If you don't need to be close to the hardware and you understand Java then use it so you can reap the benefits of all the work the JVM does for you.
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    @flag0 @bdhobare I couldn't agree more.
    In the mean time Kotlin is doing its job but let's be honest, it will never be as good as Swift.
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    @Koolstr Null Checks only by convention, no Lambda functions on Android as well as a long and cluttered syntax.
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    @Koolstr I hate mostly because of its verbosity.I could write half the amount of code I write in Java in Swift or Python.
    -In addition I usually feel java has a lot of redundant class in the Collection API and its GUI API.example is Swing/AWT/JFC
    -The DateTime class is fucked up.
    -The threading class,well you can guess how fucked up it is too.
    -It requires a lot of external dependencies like JSON parsing that are inbuilt into other languages like Python.
    -In java u might end up casting a date to string to datetime to date again and back to string to get it correctly formatted.
    -Please tell me the difference between Java SE and JEEE and why on earth do they have different APIs and syntax if they belong to the same language?????!
    -It is painful to embed C++ in Java.
    -Why do I need over 200 imports in a single file?????

    I would have listed more but am tired after spending 2 hours trying to find a better debugger than jdb
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    Now things are even messier in Android.
    Remember Java doesn't support multiple inheritance?
    -You end up implementing over 10 interfaces. An example is when intergrating Google services and Location and Maps API.Boy,the number of interfaces you will implement.
    Here is a screenshot after I removed alot of them.

    -Let's not even talk about implementing a simple MVC in an android app.Android devs know the pain and number or getters/setters you have to code..
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    If people use it, rants will be made. People rant on Apple every day, yet it's the company valued highest in the world.
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    @bdhobare Those are some great points. I see where you all are coming from now. Thanks for giving me the type of info I was looking for. I don't mind the verbosity, it makes you look more intelligent to the muggles/normal people. :) But yeah there are repetitive and unnecessary classes in collections and the lack of native json parsing really pisses me off. I end up wasting so much time figuring out and debugging converting between Java objects and another language. The datetime class is the absolute worst, so true. I couldn't despise that any more than I already do. It's caused so many problems for me.

    Nonetheless, none of these things are bad enough to make me abandon the language. I dunno, maybe it has something to do with it being my first language.
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    With Android, Google isn't using Java but rather a forked version of Java with add-ons over it. Sometimes it makes things easier, sometimes it makes everything messy. I'd really like if Google moved to something else.
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    @flag0 you could always move to xamarin :)
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    @snypenet my bad, they weren't recommending it because it was unstable when it wasn't really a completely released SDK, a few years ago
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