Found this at junior dev who has practice in our company 😂😂

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    What did he mean with mafia?
    It looks like it is a movie it has a part number 3
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    @AboMahdi Mafia III is a game
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    Whats in that grab popcorn folder?
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    He knows how to change the icon but not how to change the name... you almost had it man 😛
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    At first glance I thought you crossed out the private folders with a marker 😂
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    Lol was very confused for a moment. I thought the JR guy was saying mafia 3 is a trash game, as in it sucks. We are allowed to play games during lunch and off hours, friday evening, etc, so him having a game installed didnt seem of issue.
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    Mafia 3 is waste of time :/ long live the first
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    @HoloDreamer probably popcorntime or kodi or smth.
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    Super hot! Omg...
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    Cisco packet tracer... Have it but never got to use it.
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    And what is the name of the folder the one above mafia III!???
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    And the one down there??
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    That moment when you tried to cover up a folder name but it's still visible if you look closely
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    @gratzl well, grab popcorn is folder, where the films are stored 😎
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