I just created a URL-Shortener in NodeJs and MongoDB. Would be great if you could check it out! :)
Also if you wanna use it for your Projects or the like, you can also use my api!
Link to Url-Shortener: http://kapparr.ga/
API Usage: http://kapparr.ga/api/<url>

Feel free to tell me about your opinion or bugreports in the comments :)

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    @pxgamer just realized it's not really responsive and not optimized for mobile screens :D
    the pirate is supposed to be a pun containing the twitch emote kappa and arr (the sound pirates make)
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    @gratzl So this is like bitly but actually useful for devs? Awesome :)
    Only that the API page failed...
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    @Saborknight well i guess you clicked the url,
    here's an usage example:
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    @gratzl I see, thanks for that. If I were to use the module, would I be able to do so for my own domain? Sort of like what Google and YouTube do with their short links?
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    @deadpool88 submit prove of that claim please, otherwise you are arbitrarily ruining someone else 's reputation and will be reported.
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