If this was userRant most of the rants would be about difficulties with the app itself.

People say: of course I'm having issues, in not used to it.

I used to help people to use android or iphone even before I had one.

Its not about being used to something. Its about putting your brain to work... some people just can't ...

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    I feel your pain. It boggles my mind when I realize just how many people lack critical thinking skills these days. =\
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    I agree. But I do think this has more to do with the devRant team's ability to make such a useful UI. (I only remember @dfox cause it's shorter.) I mean look at it. It's so elegantly simple the app instantaneously attaches itself to your brain.

    This is why good UI/UX people are so relevant.
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    @BellAppLab I'm sure @trogus will appreciate those kind words :)
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    And btw, I'm a typical programmer when it comes to having an eye for design, I'm lost lol. But, @trogus has thought me to develop with UX always in mind so although I can't actually design something visually for the life of me, I'm getting much better at spotting things that might be hard for a user to wrap their head around.

    But, like the rant, I do agree that sometimes an end user will make little effort :) so I guess you just have to account for that.
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    @dfox I'm precisely the same. I can only draw stick houses with smoke coming out of the chimney and a smiley sun in the sky.

    But that's were the line between UI (making visually beautiful shit) and UX (making shit people can actually use) lies.
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    @BellAppLab totally agree with you, that's why I used it as an example.

    @dfox and @trogus made a really cool ux/ui and simple to use too :)
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