Favorite / most used systemd timers?

I recently wrote one to pull the location data of users for an app and make a heat map of sorts which updates every hour. Probably could make it run on a quicker timer but not many eyes on it at the moment.

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    update of the package cache with an download of the updates.
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    Meh, apt update, some backup stuff, some git fetches to alert me of upstream changes.

    Something I want to build: dynamic background based on time of day. Easy enough to do, just need the 24-96 bloody photos and I’m way too lazy to take those.

    Bluetooth connect/disconnect -> headphones? -> switch audio device

    Bluetooth connect/disconnect -> controller? -> set up (or kill) controller driver (xbox) -> switch it to correct configs -> map input to new device.

    Kinda feel like that last one should just happen out of the box. I really dislike finishing someone else’s production code. Extending is better than debugging and fixing, I suppose. 🤦🏻‍♀️
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    @root About the photos. Couldnt that be automated as well. Set a phone on a tripod and run a script that would take pics at certain times of the day. Wallah you got to your pics.
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    @stub Oh, absolutely. But i don’t have any of the required bits except a phone with a decent camera, and I didn’t even have that until a month or two ago.

    I also live in Vegas, and there’s absolutely nothing I want to take photos of here. Guaranteed, someone would also steal the camera, so... .

    Maybe after I move?
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    @Root I get what you mean. I used to live in Wyoming near Yellowstone. Absolutely beautiful country unless you see it everyday. It becomes less interesting over time.

    Hope your able to move to a better neighborhood soon. I'm blessed to own a home in the suburbs with next to no crime.
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