I would ike to be @dfox or @trogus. In any job interview just drop the phrase...

I founded devrant...

Hired 😁

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    Why would they look for a job? Their current job is already awesome. They are probably looking to hire someone.
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    @ctrlz haha, that would be nice.

    @setyadi devRant is not our full-time job right now. We'd like it to be, but unfortunately we're part-time right now and both have full-time day jobs.
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    @dfox You can quit your job now. There are so many ranters here you can blackmail. "If you don't send me the money, this goes to your boss/client."
    That counts as a business model too, right??

    JK. :)
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    @dfox you deserve this full time, hope that becomes a reality for you soon enough.
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    @dfox is there a way to donate without buying stuff?
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    @dalastTomCruise thanks, I appreciate that!

    @lkpridgeon we don't accept donations right now, but we appreciate the thought. Like you said, you can buy from the store, or just telling some friends about devRant goes a long way to help too :)
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