Wish me luck. Looks like the feature I am developing is going to be late because QA doesn't feel like following the estimates we agreed on. We already identified that development was going to be the longest part of this whole effort and that QA was going to be relatively easy, but but no. Because this is the day we have to be "code complete", they don't want to test a relatively simple feature. In fact we had to talk them into even starting testing on it today. Even though regression day is Monday and they are basically going to be done testing their last ticket this morning. Like what the fuck were they going to do for the next 7-8 hours? They don't write any documentation. There are no reports to do. There are no meetings. Did they just want a virtual day off?

Edit: they are literally playing with people's careers here. This is not the first time I have had something delayed by QA even though they agreed that it was simple to test and it was delivered with enough time to fucking test. Then I get in trouble because of late delivery.

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    Just tell them that you have a blocker and thats it.

    You are partially at fault because you allow this behaviour. And it will get even worse in the future.
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    @zemaitis direct manager doesn't care.
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    Keep a log of feature size, your time to code the feature, versus QA time to review. Unless people see numbers or pattern they won't act. Basically a CYA log.
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    @Demolishun a nice diagram of last couple months delays indicating the bottleneck would be priceless
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    @Demolishun @zemaitis we actually started tracking the complexity of dev and QA separately for this very reason. We also have direction from the boss that if we get QA something on Thursday morning that we should get at least one round of QA. But apparently dev is the only side that seems beholden to that.
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    Follow up. It's getting punted due to an upgrade that's going out in order to lessen the load for our next launch that directly affects what I'm doing. So good news: I won't get in trouble (probably); bad news: I worked for 19 hours straight for no reason.
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