My brother just called me asking for help in some MS server thing and I'm like "I don't know that!" (I really don't), and he replied "Yeah, you know, mom told me to call you to ask for help.". Jesus Christ. Just because I'm in CS it doesn't mean I know everything informatics-related.
I now know your pain, devRanters. I usually don't mind being the IT support (so much that my parents call me to help them when their computers decide to randomly die or do something weird because of something they've done, but I live like 300km away because of uni so I can't just go there and help them. Sometimes I say "Ask your son" (he's taking a tech course in high school), but my brother cuts out of it like "I don't know how to fix it" without even looking at it sometimes. Well duh, me neither at times, but google is your friend damn it. Sometimes I search for the answers. Other times I just poke around in the program until I find what's wrong. Either way, when I say I don't know and/or I can't really do much about it they give me the usual "We're paying your uni fees for what?" (in a joking tone but. I'M NOT STUDYING FOR THAT, I WANNA BE A GAME DEV DAMN IT)), but goddamn it I don't know everything just because I am a CS student. I wanna help but sometimes I can't. Deal with that >:V

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    Nice rant, here are some ++
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    @bioDan Thank you kind sir
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    Im also the guy for when your bike breaks....
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    There is an animated rant based on this rant.
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    @Scrumplex omg lol!
    So cool devRant takes inspiration from rants!
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    //high pitched scream
    OH MY GOD. This is so cool!! :D
    Funnily enough the printer situation happened to me during winter vacations, with an uncle, but I was there XD but no, I couldn't fix it. I'm guessing it's the hardware getting old LoL
    This just made my valentine's day LoL 😌
    Thank you @dfox and @trogus, and the community for liking this rant 😄
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    @DotM Making these cartoons is a labor of love (and lots of 2D sweat) so glad you enjoyed! And thanks for being inspiring :)
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    @trogus aaw thank you for considering my rant as something to be inspired by, it's an honour 😌
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