Today my oldest son is 8 years old and with pizza and cake we discussed how to hack his friends tablet, star Wars vs star trek and how to hijack wifi networks when friends parents won't give password.
And he told me how to evade detection and bypass the schools filters that he figured out alone.
I feel so damn proud.

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    I'd tripple++ that.
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    Moments when you know you are doing right with your kids :)
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    A kid sounds awesome.
    But to do so I need to have sex right?
    Mehh... let me just Rant
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    Can I have one endless ++ loop pls?
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    Parenting done right
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    @thiagoavadore most brilliant stereotype comment. Thanks for that :)
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    Sounds like you got yourself a little dev in the making. Or a hacker. Either way, keep up the good work. Happy birthday to the little guy!
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    Parenting done well
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    Damn! Hats off to him. To this day I still can't figure out to how bypass school filters. Well giving college Internet is essentially a ISP and isn't filtered, but still!
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    Moment when you know your half clone is more like you... It's going according to plan!
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