Working From Home is going good?
Is productivity level is increased or decreased?

I am fed up of the weekend works and also anytime call.

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    Worst thing for productivity, I hate everything about it. I don't understand the people that like it.
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    @F1973 guess it depends on the nature of the things you work on. My team pretty much pair-program everything so that's a bit annoying to do remotely
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    Weekend work and anytime calls just because WFH? You're doing it wrong.
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    Productivity is basically in the toilet since I started WFH. I have ADHD, and it really helped my focus to have a sort of context separation between work and home. When I was physically in the office, I was in work mode. When I was at home, I switched out of work mode.

    But now that I'm working from home, sitting right next to my gaming PC, the context separation is gone and it's really tough to achieve the same focus I did in the office.

    I do, however, stick to normal working hours as much as possible. I haven't worked a weekend yet and I've only gone outside of the normal 9-5 hours a handful of times while working remote.
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    @Elyz This 😞
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    looks like the place to recommend CGP Greys "lockdown productivity" again (sry). applies well for dev work independent of pandemics - I guess most of you know most of the stuff already, but I found it well presented (and just 11mins ;)


    also: 100th comment🎉
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