"The aim is to develop highly robust data streams so we have the flexibility to build and evolve the user interface without having to change code in the API"

Oh, is that all you need?

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    From an outside perspective, it sounds like it's doomed to fail (I probably don't understand it) if you don't change your API, then you'll need to put your logic in the UI, which is bad... And not only that but it will eventually make your UI slow to a crawl due to your massive data streams.

    We had this same scenario at work, that's why I'm commenting lol.
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    Agreed!! And what da hell is a "robust data stream" :-)
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    Sounds like "robust data stream" is a shit-ton of mutable data.
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    I remember consulting at a firm building data driven UI's from OLAP metadata to make building MDX queries easier.. needless to say it failed pretty hard..
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