What's your take on developing web with python (using Django for example)?

Coming from PHP, Symfony , etc, my first impressions are that it's clunky and very backend oriented.

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    Most popular is nodejs, but for really performant apps I think python or even better Go(lang).
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    The development environment kinda feels weird at first but after you actually understand the framework and start coding it's very straightforward and easy to do everything. Also Django Admin is really really helpful if you can get away with the interface and basic functionalities that it provides.
    Generally, Django is not that much different with other web frameworks in other languages though, but learning python is more rewarding because unlike ruby, PHP, or even Java, python is much more popularly used everywhere right now, especially on the AI and data science hype train.
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    Love Django.
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    @Pythoneer this is true, perhaps I will add this future to rails or create a gem for it
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    Laravel has gained a lot of popularity recently. What is the main reason you're trying to migrate from one language to another.
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    I develop web applications using Python and Flask. I will never go back to PHP
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    Django is built on top of Python and thus inherits it's programming and design philosophy like
    Explicit is better than Implicit
    Don't repeat Yourself
    Simple, without much boilerplate code
    Quick development.
    There are many more design philosophies for Django (Google if interested). This makes Django a real pleasure to use, once you are accustomed to it. Your code becomes organized and easy to understand if you use Django. PHP and nodejs will allow you to create massive projects in a single file that looks like it went through an obfuscator.
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    @Oversmart for a hobbyist programmer, hosting other than PHP is way costlier. :-|
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    @sntshkmr60 You can get vps for real cheap these days. Then you can host anything you want. I've used ovh recently which is about $20 a year.
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    @Oversmart Both node and php leave the encapsulation part to the developer (even though Symfony kinda enforces it), which I imagine python does as well. So bad developers with bad habits will of course result in bad and unstructured code regardless of language, so I'm not quite sure if I get your point :/
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    @rusty-hacker and which service is that?

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    Here in India we have something called 3D Secure payment. It had been made compulsory by RBI. All banks are required to implement a OTP system.

    In International payments, they simply don't accept the card. I've tried on Google Play Store, Treehouse, AWS and others.

    OTP systems just don't work with international payments.
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    @sntshkmr60 the cheap one which I used is ovh.com. If international payments are not possible, there are other more expensive services which you can pay with bitcoin. For instance, https://dply.co/ allows you to pay using bitcoin.
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    @rusty-hacker I can't buy bitcoins. Not available in India I guess.
    I've tried that too.
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    @sntshkmr60 Check out Digital Ocean. They have servers located in Bangalore
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