Been a while since my last real proper rant.

Multiple projects. Business side going into panic mid. Devs are staying cool as usual.

We, devs, have to hold hands so they don't completely break down.

We are wasting precious time in order to rub their feelings.

Get. Your. Shit. Together.
Or atleast, go cry in a corner AND LET US FUCKING WORK.

Can't fucking work for more than 10 mins.
I go take a shit, I have 200 notifications when I'm back.

Omfg their lives must be so hard, really. How can you fucking go into full retard whenever there's a small roadblock.

DO. YOUR. FUCKING. JOB. And let me do mine.

As soon as you let us work, issues are going to be solved, you'll be less stressed and everything will be fine.

Keep asking the same questions over and over, arguing on non-critical things (who cares about wordings... it's 1min change) and the stress will only build up for everyone.

DAMN. Fuck off, fucking emotional idiots.

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    Name checks out, probably a team-based account
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    That's where a manager or similar role should be stepping in to handle them while the devs work.
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    @N00bPancakes thing is... I'm the manager. Deadlines are short and I prefer to help the devs with my manager time to make those projects happen instead of babysitting biz which isn't actually producing anything, thus not solving.

    Otherwise, in normal circumstances, I'd hold their hands.

    I chose the devs. I'll always choose you guys.
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    Then you need a manager or firewall or someone to run interference ;)
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    @N00bPancakes you know the saying about playing chess with a pidgeon?

    They are so into panic-mode they can't be reasoned with anymore, for no reasons... deadlines are critically short but we're still on time.

    They started to bypass me because I told them « no ». So I had to put everyone back at their place. One of them was on the verge of crying. Without any actual reason, except being told to fuck off obviously.

    I had to abruptly stop a meeting today because they got frenzied when I said we shouldn't waste the whole team time discussing the size of thumbnails.

    Meanwhile on the dev side, we good. We just keep working, planning, scoping. Totally chill.

    Can I hire you for a month to manage that? :P
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    @WeAreMany Deal.
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    The lack of understanding and indecision can drag calls. You did well already, fighting for your devs. We do need people who take care of those who do the grunt work. It may take a chunk of your sanity or draw another frown line but you're a hero. 😚
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    The biggest thing I'm concerned about is how long do you take a shit in order to get 200 messages.
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