The biggest annoyance in Java for me is the absence of "real" properties. Writing getters and setters everywhere is ugly, you are generating them anyways.

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    100% agree with this! Also, great username :P
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    @LucaScorpion Thanks! Although in retrospective it might not have been a smart choice since it will be outdated in about three years ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @java9 heh true, but then you can probably send dfox a mail to change it ;)
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    Lombok ftw
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    @LiamClark @java9 yeah, totally take a look at project Lombok, its beautiful :)
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    @azous I agree that Lombok is awesome! I have used it in a few projects and loved @Data.

    We're not using it at work though and it would be awesome if it were a language feature :)
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    You might want to try lombok. Annotations based #metaprogramming
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