My biggest pet peeve is everyone who says Java is shit when they've likely never used it before.

Also...are you trying to start a war :P?

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    It is slow😂
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    oh you are on .00001 versions newer of Java than what this app was compiled with.... 99% of app doesn't work
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    I don't think it's complete shit, I just don't see a reason why I would use it 😊
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    @atomicTurtle every alternative is so much better...java is like a ... Family car... It works and is fine and you'll be happy enough with it .... But if you want fast you, there's better
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    The Guys that say Java is slow do you have any documentation on that i have heard that before, but never seem to find any benchmarks 🤔
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    @fhaxha from what I hear they are still running them 😀
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    @atomicTurtle haha 😂
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    @fhaxha it's not to difficult type in Java vs c++ 😉

    As far as I'm aware it's due to java running as a virtual machine it makes it easier to set up and compatible, but in the end it's slower
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    @FitzSuperUser the benchmarks i found show little to no difference in performance between C++ and Java that is why i Ask 😀
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    @fhaxha oh well I'll get back to you soon currently on the move sorry !
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    Honestly I am willing to give up some speed for portability, modularity, and reflection. I also love it's uncompromising approach on OOP.

    That being said, I use the right tool for the right job. I use Java for one thing. Writing web applications...namely REST services that follow SOA. Because I honestly cannot think of many web application frameworks as mature, feature rich or easy to use as those for Java.

    If I am going for speed (like on an embedded platform) I will go for straight C. If I am writing a cron job, I will use bash or python. If I am writing a UI, I will use JS, HTML 5 and a Chromium browser.
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