Haven't slept in the last 72 hours, eaten in 24 and shaved or showered in 48+ .. but it is such a delight to move the project to production an hour before the deadline and two hours later to receive an angry phone call from the client because there is 'horrible bug' in the web system - the logo of his company wasn't showing, only the name ... the moron never sent us a logo to begin with, only a MS word document with the company's information and a compressed 200x80 logo in the bottom ...

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    Jeez, what a schmuck
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    Props to you for that insane crisis management
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    Yeah agree with @h3ll, unless it's your own exciting project; even then doing too many all-nighters would probably kill productivity/innovativity
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    Agree with people top of me. You should set your time management better, since that is killing you from inside. I personally always rather say longer deadline and work to my limits, so health does not suffer.
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    agree with @lubwn

    Its important for us dev to learn to manage up and setting the expectation instead of the person in charge of you creating the deadline.

    i understand some may have unresonable bosses, but thats a diff story.
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    When it comes to not sleeping because of work these days, i take a nap, hour or 2, if I am willing to get up after that then maybe it is important but in general I find nothing is that important. It is all just hurry up and wait.
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    Every all-nigther I fell like I die 10%, probably gonna die for real the next one... Please let's not do that anymore 😂
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    Some clients are just clueless... Its hard when your work is not appreciated, the feeling I hate the most is when you understand the you care more about the project than they do.
    I gotta say though, I like the all nighters, I mean when you a team and work all together to achieve something, I dunno it's kinda awesome
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    You should eat something. This is not a hunger strike
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    Put that pixelated shit XD
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    I'm literally useless if I work too long in one go. After roughly 3 hrs I always need a break, or to at least step away from my desk.
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    You should get more shmeckles from him!
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