I think I need some "programming detox", a couple weeks away from any kind of software development. It's just not fun anymore, I have lost my drive, I'm lazy to learn new stuff, I never finish my projects, I don't even know if I enjoy web development anymore.

Actually, I'm kind of lost on what to do with my life.

I don't want to become a full time web developer because it's boring, it's always the same shit: write frontend with some sort of framework, design database, write backend, rinse and repeat. There's nothing new, all projects seem to have the same requirements.

I don't want to get into machine learning and whatnot because it's a lot of math and theory, I like math but idk if I would like doing that all day. Same goes for basically anything related to research.

Low level stuff: on paper I like it, it's interesting, but I'm too lazy to learn and whenever I come up with a robotics project I end up making a shopping list and forgetting about it because either 1) stuff is too expensive or 2) I can't make the parts I want without spending a lot of money on tools. Also from what I can see in school, VHDL is boring af.

I just don't know what I like anymore, nothing gets me excited, not even video games. I used to like csgo but I just suck at it and I only play it because there's nothing else to play and deep down I still have a little bit of hope of becoming a decent player, even though I know I never will.

I just don't know what I want out of life. Sometimes I just like having tons of school assignments (especially calculus ones) just to keep me busy.

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    I have to stop being lazy, but that's hard, and I'm too lazy to stop being lazy. Fuck me
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    Road trip without technology maybe?

    Sometimes you gotta get away just to do stuff.

    Go someplace you've never been, drive randomly.
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    I tend to like verilog more than vhdl.

    Maybe just zone out and play some single player stuff or get lost in some amazing shows or get outside and hike or do sth sporty, kinda depends on what type you are :-)

    I don't like doing frontend stuff, but I like backend stuff (e.g. databases, doing the business logic in the backend, designing the architecture of an (enterprise) application, also devops is interesting, like IaC (also containerization)). Maybe some of that speaks to you as well.

    Hope you find your motivation again 🙂


    Totally agree
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    @N00bPancakes I would love to do this, you have no idea. Me and a friend are even planning to make a 6-7 hour trip to visit another friend, but there are two problems:

    - covid: can't go anywhere with people
    - parents: my parents are very afraid of highways, they always think the worst is going to happen. But only if I'm by myself, if either my dad or my mom is in the car we're magically safe

    I'll talk to my parents again about this stuff, I'm tired of it, but at the moment I basically I can't go on a trip :(
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    @jay91 good idea! I'd like to do some outside activities but covid doesn't allow me to do a lot. However, I've been wanting to play the Ori and the will of wisps for a while now, so I could play that. Would keep me entertained for at least 3 days for sure.

    "doing the business logic in the backend, designing the architecture of an (enterprise) application" I think that's what I like doing the most, so I've been transitioning to backend the past few months. Problem is that once I figure out a good way to do stuff it just becomes repetitive (create route, write sql query, map query result to data types, send to client), so only the start of a project is interesting. I also like developing algorithms for random stuff but I rarely have a project idea that needs one.

    Also I have never heard of verilog, I'll for sure take a look at it.

    Thank you! :)
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    I've also been thinking of learning how drivers work and developing one myself, but I don't have a project that requires a driver so yeah :T
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    - Who the hell is afraid of highways?
    - Checks profile. Location: Brazil.
    - Understandable.
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    @electrineer lmao my parents, they're somewhat traumatized because of an accident they suffered once. Oh and yeah, the roads here are shitty as fuck
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