So my friend started this job as a junior software developer at minimum wage and sent me this. You should've figured out what 'ben' means.

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    Direct line of sight from boss to worker's screen. Damn, that office SUCKS.
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    Thank you! I thought it was the best opportunity to contribute as I've literally just received this.

    And yes I am Turkish. @thmnmlst @Haxk20
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    M sorry but at which wage ur friend working for
    How many🤔😅
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    @shredEngineer I wouldn't actually be able to endure that pain.

    @thmnmlst it just adds more drama to the context. I think we just have many retarded reasons to rant on.
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    @perix2 do you seriously wanna hear it? I'm actually quite sad not to be able to share it :(

    Local currency or USD?
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    @thmnmlst just being Turkish adds more drama to this context, I think we do.

    @perix2 it's ₺1500 <= $500
    And it's my friend, I swear!
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    Ouch. It can only get better! Go for it.
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    Damn, that was probably the worst officesetup I've ever seen...
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    Sure way to pick up programming real quick and then leave that hideous office ASAP.
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    @sudo- well before our amazing president ducked our economy it was 900 even 1000 dollars...
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    $700-$1000 in which time frame? How many hours of work for this?
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    @rasalas8910 probably monthly (40hrs per week) after taxes.
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    The bad thing is, the guy is a good C# programmer. @Wallpaper

    And I will negotiate for ~$1k for my junior job, it's not getting better any time soon... @ygtgngr

    It's actually $480, and monthly! @rasalas8910
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    Oh~my~lord. Shocking...
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