Companies emailing you about a product in your cart is annoying as fuck.

If I wanted it, I'd have bought it whenever I fucking put it in my cart. Don't email me everyday telling me it's there

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    How did they get your number
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    They care about your money.
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    Actually this is a strat to get discounts.

    Companies sometimes send 10% off if you leave something in your cart for a few days to close the deal.
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    @alexbrooklyn didn't know people could email by number
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    Don't let your [prune juice] and [Tina turner cd] get away. Complete your order now!
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    Why would you keep things in your cart for multiple days though? Am I the only one who decides whether or not to buy something and THEN add it to the cart?
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    @NEMESISprj Often times I'll leave something in my cart in order to save it just in case I want to buy it later, or because I'm still deciding on it. Otherwise, I would just buy it right away.
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    @AlgoRythm True although some online stores use whatever is in the cart as a source for "how about this X or Y product" recommendation emails.
    I think the discount approach is better because if you *will* buy the items in the cart then you end up spending less.
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    "People are odd these days. When they have put stuff in their carts, they sometimes forget that they put it there and what they where in the market for. They then just exit the market leaving the filled cart behind. It is like they have Alzheimer's or something. Better email that guy about his left-behind groceries - maybe he still needs them..."

    Back in my days, when we left stuff in a cart it just vanished when the session timed out.
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    More reasons to use temp mail lol
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    Those emails can sometimes be helpful too! I once got a 25% discount off of a mechanical keyboard that was sitting in my cart for 24 hours. Straight up bought it right then.
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    @alexbrooklyn Having an account with the store for coupons and rewards points.
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    @NEMESISprj what @guitargirl15 said.

    Also sometimes just waiting for a sale that puts it at the price I'd like to see.
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    Sadly - I have to admit it has worked on me.

    I’ve put stuff in my cart
    Thought ”Should buy something else to make shipping worthwhile”
    Forgot about it
    Got a reminder
    Bought it

    Blame me.

    I’m sure they keep using this tactic because their Analtics prove it’s worth it
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    I work for an e-commerce giant.
    They literally spam our work email.
    And we can't even unsubscribe or mark it as span since it is from within the company and each time from a different email ID -_-
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    So many comment definitely proves it's marginally useful in some cases.
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