Python Django or Ruby on Rails? Trying to decide which I should use for a personal website.

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    Look up Jekyll. It runs on Ruby.
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    What ever happened to html.
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    @penderis web frameworks imply the use of HTML no? I mean what's going to _serve_ the HTML to the user?
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    @Casanovanoir the server, it is in the name.
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    yip, and by me for instance no way i am getting cheap hosting for a python or rails app. Jekyll anyhow outputs static html, might be mistaken but why not skip the middleman.
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    @Leetmecode well the comment was not helpful in the slightest. Of course I know that the content of the website has to be in HTML.. What I did not know that there were static page helpers that make setting up a personal site easier. Thank you for pointing me to Jekyll though! Will check it out.
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