Guys, I need an advise regarding summer jobs:

I have had this awesome summer job for 2 summers as a mountainbiking guide, which is fun, has awesome perks, and pays relatively well.

But it doesn't really net me any useful experience, so should I seek a job as a programmer instead?

I'm studying first year bachelor's, but I have experience, so I should get a job nevertheless.

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    Don't put all your eggs in one basket. See what you can get with the experience you have. If you can't get anything within an allotted time frame, just settle. Money vs no money.
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    The fact that you had that job is bonus. Means that you can keep one.

    If you get a job in programming that would be good as they think you would need less training but personally I wouldn't want that all I want to know is your willing to work at it.

    I'm programming most companies want to hold you to their standard and way they work so experience in another company can actually hinder you. The fact you have done it multiple years is a bonus it means your likeable and good at your job. That's what they are looking for.
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    Listen to FitzSuperUser he wrote his response 3 times. It must be important!
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    @tisaconundrum 😂 it does that I put a bug report in they'll fix it when they get round to it.. it's cause my phone gets progressively slower when I use devrant so I tap... And it don't work so I do again... Boom 3
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    @tisaconundrum @FitzSuperUser Thanks guys! I never would have thought that working in multiple companies would have a negative impact 0.0
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    @hullu198 retention time can be a major player
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