There's little irritations that happen when working with clients over time that let you know that they're stuck in the past and definitely not the kind of client you want to have long term.

My personal favorite example:

"Can we put an icon that shows the weather on the banner of the website?"

Note: I don't make "websites," information portals, content pieces, etc.

It doesn't to matter what type of application it is; time tracking, HR, mortgage application, industrial control system, etc. I don't know why, but every single client I've ever had where I've been saddled with one or more people who have no business being anywhere near the term "stakeholder" asked for this stupid, banal, 1995 web portal fuckery. Their shitty little mushroom stamp contribution wasting everyone's time.

What's worse, they want it be prominent in the screen real estate. It can't just be a responsibly sized waste of space like the screenshot's top example (from a company whose entire business is weather, nonetheless). No, it has to be the busiest fucking thing in the control space, as in the example inferior.

Or maybe I'm just wrong and people desperately want to know if the sky is going to piss on them if they leave the cave.

Anyone else have a pet peeve in regards to recurrent, pointless functionality?

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    Need to know how many users are logged in in the banner.

    Further explanation: It was for an intranet application of 4 major groups: Supplier, Media (Designer, Photo / Ad), "Client", " Customer".

    Every of these groups could be 1 to 2k plus companies with subcompanies.

    That banner looked like someone puked out his letter soup...

    It was one row containing information per group like this:
    <Group Name> <Online Number of Users> <Online Number of Companies> <Registered active users> <Registered active companies>.

    And this wasn't one client....

    Another oldie but Goldie:

    Can you add an hint that this is new?

    (border, image, GIF...)

    Yeah. New became relative. Sometimes 2 years plus was "new".
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    I know that feeling. I get really triggered and sad at the same time when a client doesn't have any design/UI common sense. I feel that you should be looking at your product behind the eyes of a customer. Not behind your own moronic selfish eyes
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