The biggest problem about vb.net is that people don't consider it as a language anymore. With more people interested in c#, all examples and tutorials are available only in c#. I can't even copy a simple example as it is. I have to convert it on my own to vb.net or use any one of the online converters.

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    How is this a problem??? You can't translate between languages?
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    Face it, VB.NET is the illegitimate child Microsoft wants to abandon but needs to pay support to until it's mature enough or dies. I suspect it's only very stubborn studios or places where devs only know VB that still create new solutions with it.
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    Now prepare for the rise of F#
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    @grolofson Just because they both are CLR languages, doesn't mean they can be translated easily. You still have to know both the languages through. And online converters don't always work!
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    @Raamakrishnan I wouldn't trust an online translator for anything professional.
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