CLIENT: My wordpress site runs really slowly, can you fix it?
Me: Yeah sure, let me have a look.
*logs in and sees Facebook feeds, twitter feeds, 3 seo plugins, 5 backup generators, 4 slider plugins, jscomposer, social sharing buttons and loads more*
Me: Do you realise that you don't need that many plugins?
Client : well they make my site really fancy and my customers love it.
Me: yafud

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    I'm not a Wordpress savvy dev so don't flame me lol. But in this situation, how would
    It be fixed? If you remove the plugins, it won't look/function the same.
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    You can rewrite 90% of the plugins as theme functions. There's no reason to keep so much useless things like social share icons or social feeds and stuff. I rather do the entire thing myself than download shitty plugins
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    @Mack in my case I'm doing a website in WordPress and to make it work in a way that answer the needs it has. The problem is I've installed about 17 plugins :|
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    The P3 performance profiler plugin will show you which ones are slowing down your site.
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    @garrettw just what I need, thank you.
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    Fair warning, though: if you use Jetpack, it will skew your results because of how bloated it is compared to most other plugins.
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