I just noticed that whenever I get a captcha to prove I'm human, it's always images from the street.. cars, crosswalks, traffic lights, trucks, bikes, tractors etc etc...
I just want to know... Who's ML model I've been helping to train for the last i don't know how many years?!? 😤

I should've realized something smelled funny the moment i understood that a bot is asking me to prove my humanity to it, by doing something that a bot should be able to do by now.

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    Though your question is rhetoric enough, if it is ReCaptcha, it is Google's services
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    And there's bots that can beat recaptcha most of the time now. They're on github.
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    As @asgs said. Recaptcha is a google service which help train their image recognition.

    Some of the images will be pre evaluated and some are un prepared.

    But it also compares multiple “human” inputs to create a truth.

    Before images they used hard to read words and that was to train their text parsing. One word was a known one and one was pulled from their scanning of books where their algorithm was unsure of what it meant.

    A bit like amazons mechanical turk.
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    I wonder how accurate their models actually are. I wouldn't expect humans to be very good at solving the task. I would expect the model to perform like a half-assed human.
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    Even a simple captcha can stop 90% of simple bots, it is certainly possible to bypass captcha by sophisticated bots, but, these bots are expensive. Even if the Recaptcha is not 100% accurate, it's successful in stopping bots that can't even try to bypass it.
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    the real captcha might not be the image recognition itself but maybe your mouse behavior, reaction times and such.
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