It's just that your team doesn't have experience in "insert platform name here" so we want to use a third party to move "insert product name here" into it.

My first thought: why don't you just train the team with the product knowledge in the new platform rather than the other way around? Does anyone else see this happen and want to eat glass every time it does?

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    Moving to a new platform that no team member has experience with can be rough. They're doing it on the dev team my sister is on right now, and the project has been going for months with very little in the way of completed features. Of course that won't be representative of every scenario like this, but it is a hazard.
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    Yeah, I understand the business needs to do something like this. But it's still usually easier to teach a developer about a platform than to teach a third party contractor to understand the business logic and justifications for an application.
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    @missionearth: That's a good point. I would think the best thing would be to bring in help who do know about the new technology.
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