Hello everyone,

Hopefully you can help me with this, i feel like my math skills are really bad, even though I come from an engineering background we all know how most classes on uni goes...

So the thing is, I’ve seen brilliant(the website) as an option to start from the beginning with a good mathematic foundation.

Is brilliant worth the 10$ or there are better options?

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    I have never tried brilliant but I did use khan academy several years ago to prepare for an online machine learning course since I never went to university and never learned matrix math among other necessities for the course.

    And it was very helpful.

    If brilliant is anything like it, it probably is worth it.
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    @Voxera brilliant is focused on visual learning, which is my forte, I’m gonna check out khan academy.

    Thanks for the suggestion.
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    +1 for Khan Academy. I learned some Calc from them, and really enjoyed it.
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    Add 3blue1brown youtube channel to the mix
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    @Root @electrineer thanks for the suggestions.
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    @electrineer Yes!
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