The people. I find devs to be (obvious generalization) prone to: not take criticism, not understand the difference between fact and opinion, not understanding that it is perfectly acceptable to change your point of view when presented with new information that will conflict with what you currently believe in. It is a sausage fest brought to you by eons of very fragile male ego in the making, and many other qualities that were very much diluted in a lot of the other fields I have worked on: from retail (shitfest) to import/export all the way to military (another shitfest, for different and rather dangerous reasons).

I have met some amazing people in the field, don't get me wrong, but the quirkiest of mfkers i have met make me believe that maybe I AM the one that does not belong in the field (top kek).

On a more technical side, basic stuff like reading comprehension, attention to detail, the ability to translate complex problemd to pieces and that interconnect among the themselves, the ability to understand the grand mathematical scheme of things, the ability to be patient and despite what the above generalization would have you believe...the ability to communicate with other humans with tact and understanding as well as a spirit of collaboration, etc etc, are definitive traits to consider if you want a career in software development that leads above just being a code monkey.

Shit like that.

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    Also can't forget the tards that "hurt dee durr coding is my life bf I'm uNiQuE and i try to make it my personality trait!!!"
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    Spot on.
    I love you both.
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    Isn't this just people in general?
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    @ArtOfBBQ Yeah, cognitive dissonance and not being able to take criticism isn't a dev thing but just a people thing (saying this as someone who saw this behaviour far more in non-techy political circles than all of the dev/eng ones combined).
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    This hasn't been my experience at all.

    In the past five years, generally I have found other devs, who exist in real life that i have interacted with personally, to be intelligent, talented people, who take feedback well, admit when they are wrong, and are great to work with.
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    @ConfusedDeputy that's pretty cool of you to say man

    I could see agreeing to 4 out of 5

    intelligent: easy check
    talented: easy check
    take feedback well: hmmm check, better than most imho
    great to work with: check, especially if they give salty humorous rants
    admit when they are wrong: LOL no sorry can't see that one
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    @Root and we ❤️ u!
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    @ArtOfBBQ it certainly is, this is a pretty big generalization I'll admit. Just something i see in this field the most that didn't really made that much on an impact on other fields is all.
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