Well then...
I just wanna buy some tickets >:V

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    What site is that?
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    @JavaRules slbenfica.pt, on the "buy tickets" part
    I'm guessing way too many people want to buy tickets and the server just died
    ( https://shop.slbenfica.pt/Games/... , first match that shows up, Benfica - Rio Ave)

    Oh dear now it shows another error message.
    An actual outOfMemoryException

    Man who coded this website and why aren't the exceptions being handled
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    @DotM One does not simply ... Handle OutOfMemoryExceptions 👌
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    Well damn it LoL
    It's been down for hours, by the time I notice it got back up there won't be any tickets left... :')
    I wanted to take the chance and go watch a match with my parents before going home for xmas holidays but goddamn it everyone chose today to do the same thing at the same time LoL
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    That's .NET for ya
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    @kyleperik Well it's up and running now, and I have the tickets so it's all good :D
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    How do sites go to production without custom error pages? It's literally one line in web.config
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