I HATE dealing with Map objects in Java. Much like everything else in Java, the API is far too verbose. What's more annoying is how Oracle seems unbothered to improve it.

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    Map API is verbose?
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    When compared to Groovy:

    def foo = [bar: 1, baz: "something"]


    Map<String, Object> foo = new HashMap<>();

    foo.put("bar", 1);
    foo.put("baz", "something");

    Imagine doing that for a more complex dictionary. They implemented lambda expressions but won't implement a shortcut API for Maps.
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    I agree. Guava's ImmutableMap.of is what I tend to use for simpler entries
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    @kshep92 what you're showing is a problem in a script... Not in an enterprise software, and that's what Java is good at.
    I far prefer working with the Java verbosity on a real project than Python's (for example) magic
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    @willol script or enterprise app (the latter of which I do write a lot of) I don't want to aggravate my carpal tunnel to communicate a simple idea to the compiler. I find by now there should be an easier way of defining dictionaries in Java.
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