I'm frustrated with an abundance of different *Ops we're having right now. You can spell a random word followed by "Ops", and it's probably a thing. I get that Ops people in general are important but when there is stuff like GitOps, MLOps, FinOps, it gets confusing pretty damn fast. There's no value in all these titles besides "duh" usually, since Ops are just Ops in most situations. They kinda can slap a tracing tool or two on top of your code base but in general they just do Kubernetes (with whatever's hip like Jaeger, etc.) nowadays and that's it. Hell, even "DevOps Engineers", for a majority of cases you'll encounter, are basically just Ops with a misleading prefix since it's just a way people call them nowadays for whatever reason.

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    FLOPS is best ops
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    It's the industry's fetish for making every facet of the startup culture seem more and more like the matrix.

    It's like the grown-up version of the colored card system in kindergarten. Makes you feel involved and more important than you really are.
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