I've just bought a new table, I think that's the best thing anyone without a proper table can do.

25 € and solid wood, I hope it lasts forever.

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    25€ for wooden table? what?
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    @lamka02sk Yeah, that's like suspiciously cheap even for just a desk top without the legs.
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    ONLY 25 EURO????
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    IKEA much?
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    Not sure I could get enough wood, sanding paper, paint and screws for 25€ to make a solid wood table. Best I could get is prolly solid wooden legs and some glued sawdust tabletop..

    How did you get one for 25€? :)
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    Lmao when you said table I read it as a sql table. A table for 25 euros?!
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    It will. Unless you live in Chile.
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    It was a real find, I bought it in a second hand website. The guy has moved and was selling his things because the apartment was at sale.
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