One of the biggest reality checks you will run into when starting your first dev related job - and which they don't teach you about in school - is that a lot of the time will be spent working with other people's code, and rewriting it into "your own" is rarely an option.

You might be super into making things, but not everyone manages to maintain that same spark while taking over a 15 year old project with fundamental issues that have to be triaged "for now" because you need a hotfix on this other specific thing out in prod before lunch.

There are no gods now. They left the company years ago and nobody knows why they used the windows registry as a user repo.

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    That is so true. I used to be spending hours on every detail of the code I produced so that it would be perfect. But when you work with code that is sometimes over a decade old; most of the time you simply don’t have the patience or time to clean it up as it should be and just end duck taping something on top to respect the deadlines.
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    Lol the windows registry. 🤣
    Poor guy
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    I work on my OWN 6 years old code. And I already hate myself from 6 years ago.

    All part of the learning
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