Any advice to how to get back my motivation? I love coding, but now I can't keep up my motivation long enough :(

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    @doofy try reading programming articles and watch programming movies, Mr Robot series will do, but dont overdo them
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    @Tirop OK, thanks for the tip :)
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    I think trying to find the reason why is a good first step. I had the same situation before, which is worst because I used to love programming but I started to hate it because of work environment, It turns out I slowly incorporate programming to workplace. I started to hate programming because it reminds me of the people at work. I didn't quit right away, because well, people are people wherever you go. Instead, I remind myself why I love programming in the first place, then I start making projects in my free time, learn new stuff, like the good ol days.
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    I personally find that learning new paradigms, languages, frameworks and technologies (db, testing tools, animations) is motivating. Alternatively, I find an idea which I think it is going to be used by x users and try to develope it.
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