Sometimes I write awesome code that executes well as intended with proper file structure and clean codebase and sometimes I bring shame to my family.

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    These two are not necessarily mutually exclusive
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    @nibor yeah, but in first case it doesn't bother me.
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    @Aitkotw more importantly, people only notice if the second thing happens :(
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    @NEMESISprj It’s true. Clean, elegant, reusable code often goes just as unnoticed as a burning trash heap if they both function correctly. It’s sad.
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    My company taught me a good lesson, if you do awesome job that is because you are paid to do so, if you atleast once messup it's highlighted and creates a bad impression. Everyone does mistakes, what perplexes me is that its always blame game than learning from that mistake.
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    @ven4coding story of every company
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    @Root There's more: the burning trash pile has a tendency to taint the good parts over time, so this neat and tidy part you've brought in will morph into trash to join the rest of the pack.
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    can relate to that. sometimes it's awesome, and sometimes you just want to dig a hole and disappear.

    @Root plain an reusable code is quite nice, if you give it a little bit of love every over time. it turns ugly as fuck, if the code isn't maintained.

    happend to me 2 ish years ago. the task was to rework our puppet module that creates users with their regarding ssh keys.
    the old code came from a time, where puppet couldn't handle loops.
    our now teamlead managed to convince puppet to do a loop - however the fkn hell he managed this.

    it did what it was supposed to to, but going through and rewrite that legacy pile of.. code (with loops this time) was a fascinating experience.

    a friend of mine once said, that we build tomorrow's legacy today. well, he wasn't wrong, I guess.
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