I never thought I'd see one of these myself...
Damn it Colombo get your act together :V
(Zara, Colombo Mall, Lisbon)

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    Ahh. With the screen this big, it reminds me of portal 2. Good times.
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    It's always a magical sight to see
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    @darksideplease such a good game *-*
    I was walking by with my parents so I just took the image real quick XD they were like "why are you taking photos of that"

    @Duplexchipmunk indeed it is. Just never thought I'd see it myself ( o-o). The tales were real
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    @DotM I do that too. I planned to make a blog of computer fails in public space. Windows vista mostly everywhere.
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    Now imagine seeing this **** 30 times a day on your own screen...... That was my life.
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    @Stefan7650606 Man I had BSODs a few (rare) times in my other laptop (which runs Vista :'D; over 6 or 7y or using it) and more on my home PC (they terrified me as a kid, I didn't know what they were at the time LoL; in some 12 or 13y maybe), but not that many :') Or "many", as many as "many" is :')
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    @DotM Ye, it was horrible. And that PC(which is my main rig) "gave up the ghost" few weeks ago.
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    @darksideplease well better than that nonstop crashing I guess 8I
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    @DotM Actually yes, now I can hijack my dad's computer and he can't complain. And he has a great reason to replace that office grade 15 years old dead junk(I'm not even kidding, components are from '02/03)
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    @Stefan7650606 HaHa I have one of those at home (from the same time I mean. Before that we had a W95 that died when a CD blew up inside the disk tray). Me and my brother dismantled it for the hard drive and have it laying around in a box, and the rest of the pieces are inside of the computer's tower. We need to get the cables to take out the data in it.
    Go get that computer and give it an upgrade, it should be in dire need of one LoL
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    @DotM At this point it's not worth upgrading, I can only take the HDDs, hopefully I'm gonna build a new computer soon.
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    @Stefan7650606 still a nice upgrade. A hardware upgrade is needed from time to time as well. Specially on old machinery
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