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    Was it a course in optimization algorithms? If so you did a very good job haha
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    What was it about?
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    @erickalves05 c# programming (exam 70-483)
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    Perfect example of when the difference between >= and > really matters.
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    How are you able to take a picture at the exam?? I always had to shutdown and turn in every electronic device before starting my MS exams :S Plus video control in the exam center rooms.
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    We took entrance exams on computers in uni. If you had your own laptop you were allowed to use that. We weren't allowed to use other programs but browser and only exam site. But you could've easily checked the answers and no one would've known. They just said we werent allowed but it wasn't restricted any way.
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    @thoxx Thanks a lot! I was given permission to take this picture after finishing the exam, bc it wouldn't harm. I was super anxious and felt nauseous that every picture I took turned out blurry lol
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    @outman How did you study? I need to pass this exam next month..
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    I did the same in DW on certiport. I will always despise those piece of crap flash replicas
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    I passed that exam like 2 weeks ago and I'm looking for Exam 70-486. Congratulations on your achievement
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