This is how every app should start...

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    I wish more websites and apps had a dark mode. I don't want to scald my eyes anymore ;-;
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    A dream come true
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    Uwp apps in windows 10 already has dark and white theme option.
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    Redshift make everything better
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    What about the 50 shades of gray
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    There are extensions for chrome and Firefox that invert / dim whole page,
    There are custom CSS injectors too
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    @metaory I was just about to ask about that. Shouldn't be too difficult. Unreliable though I'm sure it is, due to the nature of the web?
    I'm just speculating though, I haven't used one yet but I sure as hell will now!
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    @Saborknight on Chrome/Vivaldi look for
    Delaminate in web store
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